This is a 5-day collaboration project of a cardboard chair. The goal was to create a light-weight and low-cost chair out of two sheets of cardboard (48" x 96") while maintaining the structural integrity to support the weight of a person. The chair is designed for a casual lounge setting because of the informal materiality of cardboard. It encourages users to interact with it by assuming a playful shape that allows a rocking motion.

As seen below in the small scale model, the body of the chair is made up of two parts, the skin(green) and the structure(red). The skin has slits cut into them, and the structure weaves through the skin, creating triangles which are strong enough to hold the curved shape of the chair. Both the skin and the structure in the small scale model are single pieces of continuous cardboard. Additional pieces of cardboard are inserted into the triangular openings to increase structural integrity in order to support the weight of a person.