This week I learned how to code with vectors, and I have to say it takes a bit of getting used to thinking in terms of vectors. I took my sketch from last week and remade it in terms of vectors with an attractor in the center. One thing that I noticed was that the same sketch seemed to run faster when using vectors.


My goal this week was to create something based on random walkers and perlin noise, and I started with the following sketch, connecting several perlin noise walkers with lines.

Then I decided to scale up the sketch by creating a class of walkers represented by these circles.

Instead of connecting all of them with lines, I decided to only connect the circles that are near each other. I needed to figure out collision detection which was a bit tricky, but nothing a couple Dan’s videos can’t fix.

Then I realized that by removing the circles, the lines themselves make a cooler pattern.

Here’s the final sketch:

Click to add elements
Press space to remove elements