Visualizing Gaze


Uncovering the invisible


With the rise of data-collection online, privacy has become one of the urging topics on the public consciousness when it comes to the internet and emerging technologies. For this project, I’ll be exploring an extreme case of lack of gaze privacy by building a headset which projects the wearer’s gaze direction onto real life objects through a laser pointer.

An interactive Conversation-starter

Participants are asked to wear the headset in a public setting, discussions are then conducted with the participants and some of the interested on-lookers. By translating a person’s gaze into physical motion in real time, participants are given a more intuitive and direct understanding of eye-tracking technology when most of whom didn’t have much prior knowledge of this technology. Many participants started brain-storming its possible uses, both positive and negative. The majority of the opinions indicate that while this technology has obvious potential in a wide variety of fields— from medical to entertainment— its potential to undermine gaze privacy is deeply unnerving. Through their interactions with the headset, participants gained a more solid understanding of eye-tracking technology and its immediacy.